Lab Members


Carrie Nardella Carrie Nardella is the Administrative Assistant to the Emonet Lab.  Carrie worked in the Medical School from 1990 to 2000.  She returned to Yale in 2016 in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. In her free time she enjoys living on the shore and raising her 3 daughters.

Charlotte Brannon Charlotte is a Yale undergrad, Class of 2019. She is double majoring in English Literature and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. She joined the Emonet lab in 2016, and has focused on experimentally producing and characterizing chemotactic bacterial waves in soft-agar environments. She plans to pursue a PhD or MD/PhD in the future. During her time at Yale she has been involved in the Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company, and likes trying different restaurants around New Haven.

Adam Fine Adam is an undergrad, class of 2019, majoring in physics. Adam joined the lab in summer 2018 as a Rosenfeld Science Scholar. He previously worked in David Moore’s lab on searching for millicharged particles using levitated microspheres. He is interested in how techniques from physics are used in theoretical neuroscience, and is currently working on classification of odor-driven navigation in flies. In his free time, he plays frisbee and quizbowl, and enjoys watching Aaron Rodgers throw the football.

Ewa Chodakowski Ewa is our lab technician. She has been at Yale since 2000. Ewa enjoys movies and spending time around New Haven.

Henry Mattingly, PhD Henry is a postdoc, having done his PhD with Stas Shvartsman at Princeton modeling dynamic cellular processes, such as ERK signaling and the cell cycle. He also collaborated with Ben Machta, studying how to choose appropriately simple mathematical models. He enjoys hiking, exercise, board games, and cooking.

Keita Kamino, PhD Keita is a postdoc, having completed his graduate work in the University of Tokyo under Satoshi Sawai, where he studied cell-to-cell signaling and chemotaxis of the social amoeba. Then he did a postdoc in AMOLF in the Netherlands under Thomas Shimizu, where he developed an experimental system to measure single-cell signaling dynamics of bacteria. He is currently focusing on the relation between spontaneity and responsiveness in bacterial chemotaxis. He has recently taken up swimming in his free time.


Mahmut Demir, PhD Mahmut is a postdoc who did his graduate work with Hanna Salman at Pitt where he studied migration of E. coli in shallow thermal gradients. He currently studies adaptation of olfactory receptor neurons and navigation in intermittent odorant landscapes. He enjoys outdoor activities, hiking and discovering new places. He also likes to cook occasionally.

Nirag Kadakia, PhD Nirag is postdoc and Swartz Fellow of Theoretical Neuroscience. Nirag completed his graduate work in the UC San Diego physics department in July 2017 under Henry Abarbanel, where he developed methods of statistical inference in nonlinear dynamical systems. He is broadly interested in computational ​and theoretical neuroscience, currently focusing on odor coding, quantifying olfactory-driven navigational strategies, and inference in sensory systems. In his free time he enjoys relaxing with his family, watching NBA, reading, and lounging at wineries and breweries.

Thierry Emonet, PhD



  • Adam Waite, Research Specialist at Calico Labs
  • Amitaba Nandi, Assistant Professor at IIT, Bombay, India
  • Carlotta Martelli, Postdoc at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany
  • Dervis Can Vural, Assistant Professor at Notre Dame University, IN
  • Garrit Jentsch, Senior Scientist at BAST Inc.
  • Oleksii Sliusarenko, Quant researcher at a quantitative hedge fund
  • Roger Alexander, Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research, Seattle
  • Xiongfei Fu, Assistant Professor, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen, China
  • Yann Dufour, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, Lansing, MI
  • Setsu Kato, Assistant Professor at Hiroshima University, Japan

Graduate Students

Postgraduate Students

  • Luca Rappez, Graduate student at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
  • Noah Olsman, Graduate student at Caltech, Pasadena CA
  • Pedro Cisneros, Graduate student at UCSB, Santa Barbara CA
  • Sébastien Gillet, Graduate student at University of Namur, Belgium
  • Luis Hernandez-Nuñes, Graduate student at Harvard, Cambridge MA

Undergraduate Students

  • Megan Ayers, undergraduate at Lewis and Clark College
  • Mattia Mah’moud, undergraduate at Harvard University
  • Abhishek Sethi
  • Adam Bildersee, software engineer at Google[x]
  • Faez Syed
  • Jennifer Wang
  • Michael Weiner, Graduate student Cornell University
  • Tobias Holden